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Deeeer Simulator

Deeeer simulator

Deeeer Simulator or deer simulator is a non-standard approach to everything that happens around us. At first glance, this is an unusual game, after a more careful study, it is safe to say that this is a very strange project. It's fun to play and you can have fun. If you immediately liked the famous goat simulator, then you will do without any problems and this game. And to start you need Deeeer Simulator download torrent by button below.

Dakar 18

Dakar 18

Great raw racing simulator that have extraordinary popularity all over the world for forty years. For riders, teams and countries that they represent, participation in the Rally Dakar - a question of prestige. The thing is that, in the opinion of experts, it is perhaps the most extreme as for the crews of advanced vehicles and for the Iron horse themselves. Dakar 18 download torrent which you can always on our absolutely free portal, give a lot of bright sensations to all fans of racing simulators.

Ships At War


SHIPS AT WAR - a strategic game based on physics, with the players created by military ships and submarines. Use an extensive in-game editor of ships to create their own battleships, aircraft carriers or submarines and use them strategically during scenarios. The game takes place from 1918 to 1945, you have to not only design ships, but also distribute the fleet in the ocean to fight the enemy at the most convenient position.

Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy Space simulators grow like mushrooms. The product that will now be spent the simulator cannot be called a simulator because it contains several directions at once, plus, there are also a storyline, and mass battles that for conventional simulators with the study of the territory is not characteristic. All of the above is contained in the game Black Prophecy, download torrent which is available on our website, and it can do it anyone, especially since this process does not take much time and effort.

World Of Aircraft Glider Simulator

World of Aircraft Glider Simulator

World of Aircraft Glider Simulator - Experience of great aviation more than ever before! The world of the aircraft is a series of autonomous simulators that each focuses on a certain form of flying. Airplane world: The Glider simulator includes a series (motor) gliders and towing a high-definition aircraft. The world of the aircraft uses special graphics and physical engine to simulate small aviation.

Urban Empire

Urban Empire

As you might notice, urban planning simulators on the expanses of the gaming market are not at all in a novelty, because there are many varieties of games that allow you to manage the city, its capabilities in different epochs of human development. This time we suggest you play a game called Urban Empire, combining not only the city management, but also a deeply developed political component. In this project, you need to manage the whole dynasty of mayors who thought over a very interesting system of related board.

Fifa 14


FIFA 14 is another series of legendary football simulator. The presented part is already twenty-first game from the FIFA series. The constant developer is the company Ea Canada, which will again delight all fans of football updates and innovations. Release games took place on September 24, 2013 in North America and September 27, 2013 in other regions.


As always, the FIFA gameplay tested by the game is even better, and all this thanks to innovation, encouraging a creative game in the very center of the field and allowing her pace.

F1 2021

F1 2021

The game F1 2021 perfectly implemented sports career and there is the same principle of receiving awards. This game has long been able to conquer the hearts of millions of players with their peculiarities and advantages. Such a racing simulator will not give the opportunity to miss. In the game now it will be much more difficult because the developers reworked and updated many points. In multiplayer mode, in addition to the graphics, there were not so many news for an exception now you can personalize the celebration on the podium.


Simulator thief

Simulator thief - this game for those who carry home all that does not exactly lies. Of course, we do not call for gamers to theft, which you can't tell about Noble Muffins - an independent developer who created a first-person faith simulator for you, and offering download the game Simulator thief through torrent on our game storage. Literally you are waiting for dirty divids, you have to steal everything that can be dragged, while starting to start not from the thieves of the elite, but from the usual house.

Pes 2015

PES 2015

The most popular sports game is, undoubtedly football. Each time developers contribute their unusual raisins to the gameplay. In this game simulator, football you can see real professional footballers who will simply show their master class on the football field. In this new game you can not only play the most prestigious European championships, you can also participate in other, less prestigious championships.

Nba 2k21

NBA 2K21

Gaming project called NBA 2K21 is considered a basketball simulator. It is lovers of this sport that can enjoy a wonderful game. Developers put a lot of effort to achieve the desired result. Now there are plenty of opportunities, new sites with a rather realistic environment, as well as a departing atmosphere, which is able to please any player regardless of which he prefers genre. New events will also occur, and players will have a lot of chances to achieve the desired, if applied as much effort.

Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture - New Unusual Game. Find and explore the plants, take care of the cat, make friends with witch or enter the cult. Change the plot using the growing collection and expand the dark secrets of undermoremer. Users of a bizarre gardener must follow the counter, welcome visitors and wander through forests in search of necessary herbs and plants. Need to influence the plot, choosing which player will complete the trip.

Sims 4 In The Backyard

Sims 4 in the backyard

It's time to take care of your summer cottage. Now, to arrange new parties, your favorite sims must leave the city's limits and come to their household plot to bring it in order. In this complement, you can arrange a real celebration, barbecue, beautiful holiday awaits your heroes. But for this you need to put everything in order on your country cottage. In this addon, you will have the opportunity to purchase summer clothes for your heroes.

Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3 is a continuation of the well-known project. Such a racing simulator is able to please every player, since the popular developer studio carefully worked over every detail so that each gamer remains satisfied with the 3 part of the legendary game. To begin with, I would like to note the advanced career mode, where there is an interesting plot, the development of which depends on the actions that will be accepted by the player.

Take On Mars

Take On Mars

Briefly about the game

The uniqueness of Mars is still not fully joined that they can hide its subsoil? Mankind is only to be in the near future to fall on this red planet. You can do it right now in the game of ON MARS. Download torrent to start a new exciting adventure, you can on our site. You have to manage various modules and alien stations for research. This game will allow you to simulate the future.

Cruelety Squad

Cruelty Squad

Cruelety Squad is a first-person tactical arrometer located in the Hardcore Gigaman Corporate Economic Economics. You are an emotionally dead martial matter fed by the excretion of cruelty, corrupted by a subsidiary entrusted by the company accused of slipping for an industrial clammer. Will you make a corporate arch demonsu to be proud or succumb to bitter failures? You can get out of the fight with the winner without a fatal result.

Train Sim World 2020


TRAIN SIM WORLD 2020 - a breathtaking simulator from the first person, ideal for everyone, with full interactivity in the cockpit, detailed accurate locations, real routes and the clock of the gameplay. Start your trip with this game, which will seem to you, not as simple as it seems at first glance. The game is a continuation of the largest and interesting simulator of the railway worker, which was released in the old good 2017.

Startup Panic

Startup Panic

In Startup Panic, run time as a programmer in the bedroom. Select a project, an output contract to survive, and then start passively earned at startup. And then the first order and development. Startup Panic will first provide you with a small order. If you do everything right, new customers will come to you. Then everything goes step by step: expand the client base, start developing good programs to go to the next level and build your own business.

Wrc 7 Fia World Rally Championship

WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship

We are glad to imagine a stunning racing simulator from the developer Kylotonn Racing Games, which is called WRC 7 Fia World Rally Championship. There are many official trails, cars and riders of rally competitions. In this game project you will feel the almost full range of emotions while driving on various types of road surface, starting with gravel and ending with ice and sand. All of the above takes place at all at any time of the day, in any weather, more than ten rally across the planet!



In this exciting space sandbox with strategy elements, you will go to conquer the remote planet of the galaxy, which is rich in resources and minerals that you will be mined. In the course of the game, you will become the leader of the colonists who will help you explore the extensive territories of the planet, building structures, as well as extract provisions. This is a very interesting game project, where you will observe real changes in climatic conditions that will interfere with you and your colonists to perform game missions.


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