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Dakar 18

Dakar 18

Great raw racing simulator that have extraordinary popularity all over the world for forty years. For riders, teams and countries that they represent, participation in the Rally Dakar - a question of prestige. The thing is that, in the opinion of experts, it is perhaps the most extreme as for the crews of advanced vehicles and for the Iron horse themselves. Dakar 18 download torrent which you can always on our absolutely free portal, give a lot of bright sensations to all fans of racing simulators.

Fifa 14


FIFA 14 is another series of legendary football simulator. The presented part is already twenty-first game from the FIFA series. The constant developer is the company Ea Canada, which will again delight all fans of football updates and innovations. Release games took place on September 24, 2013 in North America and September 27, 2013 in other regions.


As always, the FIFA gameplay tested by the game is even better, and all this thanks to innovation, encouraging a creative game in the very center of the field and allowing her pace.

F1 2021

F1 2021

The game F1 2021 perfectly implemented sports career and there is the same principle of receiving awards. This game has long been able to conquer the hearts of millions of players with their peculiarities and advantages. Such a racing simulator will not give the opportunity to miss. In the game now it will be much more difficult because the developers reworked and updated many points. In multiplayer mode, in addition to the graphics, there were not so many news for an exception now you can personalize the celebration on the podium.

Pes 2015

PES 2015

The most popular sports game is, undoubtedly football. Each time developers contribute their unusual raisins to the gameplay. In this game simulator, football you can see real professional footballers who will simply show their master class on the football field. In this new game you can not only play the most prestigious European championships, you can also participate in other, less prestigious championships.

Nba 2k21

NBA 2K21

Gaming project called NBA 2K21 is considered a basketball simulator. It is lovers of this sport that can enjoy a wonderful game. Developers put a lot of effort to achieve the desired result. Now there are plenty of opportunities, new sites with a rather realistic environment, as well as a departing atmosphere, which is able to please any player regardless of which he prefers genre. New events will also occur, and players will have a lot of chances to achieve the desired, if applied as much effort.

Wrc 7 Fia World Rally Championship

WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship

We are glad to imagine a stunning racing simulator from the developer Kylotonn Racing Games, which is called WRC 7 Fia World Rally Championship. There are many official trails, cars and riders of rally competitions. In this game project you will feel the almost full range of emotions while driving on various types of road surface, starting with gravel and ending with ice and sand. All of the above takes place at all at any time of the day, in any weather, more than ten rally across the planet!

Monster Truck Championship

Monster Truck Championship

In Monster Truck Championship Play from Las Vegas to Orlando, play with professional pilots in Dragister and Freestyle races! Drift in place, ride in the back or side wheel - all these tricks can be done in the game, but first bring the car to perfection. Monsters are good, but they are not easy to use. This game exactly repeats all the requirements for car monsters drivers, including the ability to drive wheels, successfully rotate the turns and predict the movement of the machine after jumping.

Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing

Fishing simulator

Very often you want to leave to go on nature and to go fishing into your pleasure, forgetting about all the problems, bad weather, unpleasant moments that relate to ordinary life. But, unfortunately, few people can afford this kind of rest, especially often. However, now, thanks to new technologies, you have the opportunity, without leaving the house, go to a fascinating trip to the beautiful lakes of Europe and personally throw in them a fishing rod.

Riders Republic


Riders Republic is an easy, but at the same time exciting sports game, with very great features for the player. Here you will have a unique opportunity to try yourself in various sports. And most importantly, try to win in these unrealistic complex and exciting conditions. Compete you will be with dozens of real players, so everything will be the most believable. All actions in the game will be held in different parts of the United States, namely in the territory of national parks, you also have the opportunity to get into the number of participants, you need only riders republic download torrent on a PC from our site absolutely free especially for you.

Fifa 15


The next part of the popular series of computer games, created in the traditional genre of football simulator with elements of the command manager, worked with tactics and the game strategy. It is worth emphasizing that over the development of this product worked for a long time, not to twist the hands and do not regret their own forces, talented developers from the EA Sports Studio. Therefore, if you want to try out the advantages of the new part of the series, you would like to rate changes in graphics and gameplay, then we strongly advise FIFA 15, download torrent, using our site opportunities.

F1 2020

F1 2020

The game called F1 2020 is the most real formula 1 from the popular studio. It is designed in the genre of a racing simulator who is able to interest every player in independence from what he prefers genre. The plot of the game is based on a modern formula 1. The main feature of the simulator is the modern interpretation of cars. To start playing enough F1 2020 download torrent RS .

Fifa 10


Your attention is presented to another part of the legendary series of computer games, which is created in the genre of realistic football simulator. Need to pay tribute to developers from the Canadian Studio Ea Canada, starting to play, you immediately notice that they worked not. That is why, if you appreciate the game high quality graphics, "smart" gameplay, and the presence of many game modes with a lot of football players, teams and championships in football simulators, then we recommend that FIFA 10 download torrent right from this page, using Resources of our site.



Unrestrained rings on steep motorcycles are already starting. Therefore, we just advise you to pay attention to this racing simulator in which you will participate in a variety of tournaments on each continent of the globe. So in a hurry to download Ride through torrent to enjoy the most cool races on modern bikes. What is the story of the game begins? Let's gradually go to the review of this game.

Knockout City

Knockout City

The project Knockout City is a competitive action. All actions will occur with the appearance of a third party, in which you need to participate in epic battles between the two teams. This project is really worthy of attention. Here, players will be able not only to relax, but also get a lot of pleasant emotions. Storyline as such is not because everything is based on fights where you need to win to get a reward and experience.

Tony Hawk'S Pro Skater 1 + 2

Tony Hawk'S Pro Skater 1 + 2

Many fans of this series are looking forward to Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 events, especially for virtual skateboarding lovers. The legendary series returns with excellent game - even if it is a remake, it is full and requires huge financial investments. Tony Hawk Line has experienced difficult times in recent years - many unsuccessful projects, including a surprisingly bad program PRO SKATER 5, forced Activision to temporarily suspend the license.

Fifa 10


Already at the current tradition, with each beginning of the new football season, the next part of the legendary FIFA series comes. In fact, their number has long exceeded a dozen. This time, after reading and analyzing all the reviews of the players who have received as a result of more than 275 million matches played on the Internet, the developers of the company EA Canada decided to make the most powerful program core in FIFA 10 with a large number of improvements that are most important for fans of the series.

Nhl 15

NHL 15

Briefly about the game

Stunning hockey simulator. At the ice arena, the real battle is deployed, players do something incredible players, wanting to score the enemy into the gate as much as possible the washers and win. The creators of NHL 15 tried to bring virtual reality to the conditions of this world as close as possible. Commentators accompany the entire match, with the tribune behind hockey players, real fans are sick, and this gives players even more excitement and disbands them.

Fifa 13


FIFA 13 is another legendary football simulator, which is designed directly due to the support of the company EA CANADA. One of their divisions made a maximum effort so that we can play in the highest and high-quality digital creation, which can satisfy all the basic needs of all of us. Most fans of this game have already managed FIFA 13 download torrent for free on our wonderful site to personally admire and try in the case of the freshest chips, who prepared talented developers for them.

Nba 2k22

NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is a popular basketball simulator who could earn many awards, and most importantly positive feedback from numerous players. The full version of the game will give the opportunity to feel like a participant of the basketball team. The developers have improved the casting system, so the players are waiting for high-quality and exciting gameplay. Players will be able to train their wards and take part in major competitions to get new craft materials earning awards.

Pes 2012

PES 2012

Today we will talk about the game that embodies the game of millions, and this is of course that football, so our today's subject will be a game called Pes 2012. Of course, everyone can say that in this game there will be nothing new and interesting, everything will happen as in the previous parts, namely a simple game of football, without any interesting elements. But all this is not the case, but we will talk about all the innovations from this game a little later.


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