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Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020

You dream to feel like a real collector, but not coins or brands, but the rare inventions of the Second World War - Tanks, which will search and restore and restore, so that the next reproductive exhibit takes the honorary place in the museum? In the game project Tank Mechanic Simulator 2019 you can fulfill your dream! After you collect valuable information, and repair the whole Armada, you will organize an exciting expedition.

The presented strategic-mechanical simulator will tell you about steel horses, their brave riders who have made an invaluable contribution to the history of the country and the world.

Game process

Remember that the presented gamer entertainment refers to the period of real hostilities, which took place not on fictional territories, and with no figures, and their truly heroic participants left the future generation an unforgettable impression of their incredible exploits. You have to play in the role of a collector of military equipment, which is designed to find, repair, restore future exhibits. To do this, he needs to be done very complicated, but at the same time a fascinating way to collect and processing at least the lowest useful information, to be on a check during search engines, promising to bring another trophy. Ready to plunge into the incredible world of the game project? Then hurry Tank Mechanic Simulator download torrent on our website web resources.


At the disposal of the main character there is a large number of tools and devices for comfortable repair. And of course, as without spare parts. All rusty, deformed and do not perform their work items need to be removed at the beginning. Different parts are removed in various ways. However, you should not worry, because you, as a newcomer, various prompts and instructions will be available. At the very beginning there will be especially much when the player only meets the toy, and he has no experience. After time, you will cope with the Role of the Repairman's Designer. The Tank Mechanic Simulator 2019 simulator is designed specifically to ensure that everyone can learn them to repair and understand how they work and what they are. Immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of the game project!

Year: 2020
Developer: Degenerals
Publisher: Playway SA
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 3.97 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3.20GHz / AMD Phenon 955 Quad Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: GeForce GTX 570 / AMD R7-260X
  • DirectX: Versions 11
  • Space: 8 GB

Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020 Screenshots:

Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020 screenshot Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020 screenshot Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020 screenshot Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020 screenshot Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020 screenshot Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020 screenshot

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