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Tastee: Lethal Tactics

And so today we will talk about the game made in a rather interesting and intriguing genre, namely: action with strategy applications. If more specifically, we will talk about lethal tactics. To begin with, let's say a few words about the developers themselves and publishers of this rather interesting game. They acted as developers and as publishers the same Studio, namely: Skybox Labs. As everyone already guess from the very name, as well as from her genre that this game will include a sufficiently large amount of very different complexity and duration of logical tasks.

Like all other strategies, the main role in the winning or successful completion of one or another task is precisely logical or other words tactical component. It is thanks to her that you can solve the outcome of the battle in your direction, and at the same time put quite large and significant losses to your opponent, both in material and physical terms. So if you are a loyal fan of strategic games, or just want weights to change your game lines then for this you will just make the next lethal tactics download torrent.


As in all other games of this nature for the successful passage of the game, you need to develop and with each other day to improve your city, as well as to protect it from various attacks you need to create your own army. Also, every day to improve its capabilities and improve warriors who will be at your disposal. Thanks to this, you can create a fairly strong and hardy army that will help you keep your own city, as well as seize all new and best places. You should also develop and so to speak agrarian and cultural environment of your city, because a large and powerful army will always have the need for you to eat and various foods. So if you have such abilities, or you want to buy them together with this game, then you need lethal tactics download torrent. Now let's talk about the other no less important aspects of the game, thanks to which your success will depend on the passage of the game. The first thing I would like to mention is that the camera appearance makes the schedule even more isometric. It is thanks to this parameter that you can speak good enough about the location of the nearest opponents, and even better you can conduct the fighting that will make you almost not victorious. So if you read all the above, you want to play and feel all this interesting atmosphere of the game then you only need to download Lethal Tactics through torrent. We talked about gaming events and now let's try to consider at least a few features of this rather interesting game.

And a little more about the new game

Tastee Lethal Tactics is a terrific step-by-step tactical game in which you will have to lead the detachment of units, each of which specializes in certain weapons and has strategic advantages. In this project, the SkyBox Labs studio developers are waiting for battles on maps, which are specially created for stressful disassembly, unexpected attacks and rapid escape. Thanks to the new card generation system, your match will be exciting and makes developing new tactics.

In Tastee Lethal Tactics you are a big boss, you need to create a plan and apply all tools that are only available. You also need to make a dirty work that the government cannot fulfill. The most important thing is to secretly, without any sanctions and completely illegally. All these independent and bold mercenaries are not yet used to working in a team. They are an unmanaged powder barrel, which is waiting only for sparks. Your most important task is to hire these free fighters and collect the Tastee team. Well, you are ready to plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the game? Then hurry Tastee: Lethal Tactics download torrent for free on our wonderful game resource. Spread the whole cartel in fluff and dust. The unique skills of mercenaries will help you to steal the weapons, destroy the supply channels, save hostages, cook traps and arranged grand firefights in missions to make the cowboy - mafiagic grief.

Features Tastee: Lethal Tactics

  • Game interest. Its interest is that all the time you need to look for different ways to solve the same task, and with all you need to apply considerable efforts by logical thinking.
  • Sequence of the game. Under this point, it should be understood that for successful and fast passage or advancement on the game you need to improve your city all the time. And the most important factor that will allow you to move on after the game is your army, you will also need to improve it and develop the skills of each of the fighters.
  • Type of camera. Thanks to the successful choice of the form of the camera, it is possible to clearly and correctly calculate the actions of your opponent and do not give it to perform the conceived.

Year: 2016
Developer: Skybox Labs
Publisher: Skybox Labs
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 1.30 GB

  • OS: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz and better
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: AMD Radeon HD 4000 Series / NVIDIA GTX 200 Series / Intel HD 4400 Series or Better
  • DirectX: 10
  • Space: 4 GB

Tastee: Lethal Tactics Screenshots:

Tastee: Lethal Tactics screenshot Tastee: Lethal Tactics screenshot Tastee: Lethal Tactics screenshot Tastee: Lethal Tactics screenshot Tastee: Lethal Tactics screenshot Tastee: Lethal Tactics screenshot

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