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The Amazing American Circus

In The Amazing American Circus, your worst fear is indifference to the audience. Your best weapon - Dazzling Shows. Your artists - your army. Circus arrived in the city! Amazing American Circus tells the story of the most famous show in American history. USA in the Epoch of the Golden Age - Restless Place. On the east coast there is a modern megapolis, while in the west of Cowboys and Robila Baron struggles for their business.

There is a new era, and this is the last right moment for a circus breakfast! The Amazing American Circus download torrent you can free on PC right now.

This is the place and time where you will have to write your own story and build a circus empire. You take the role of a depleted routine circus. Thanks to your personal and multi-public history, an amazing American Circus shows the secrets of a unique American form of entertainment, complete bizarre folklore, cruel crimes and social inequality, as the history of the struggle between the newcomer and industrial giant shows. In general, it is not just Tahan, but a mixture of role-playing game and simulator and simulator. Yes, you will have to develop a circus and members of the troupe to explore new technologies, develop skills, but there are many other. For example, take even cars - there are many options for trains, each of which opens access to new features, skills, skills, strengthening and even subjects. Moreover, nothing about what can be unlocked will not be superfluous - everything should be applied in some cases. In the meantime, we offer you The Amazing American Circus get the torrent. The United States was a new, developing country with settlers, steadily promoted the American border. ... To achieve your public at that time, showcases did not have another choice, and for traveling and quickly. You will be in legendary places and get acquainted with real historical characters who are part of the American Circus Heritage. You plan your trip and adapt your proposal to various groups of viewers in a constant struggle for providing hardworking Americans entertainment, which they deserve! Amazing American Circus is the classic game "Travel". Leave the southwest and arrive at the progressive northeast in search of glory, fame and wealth.

Entertain public. Place the perfect show on a special Duel card between you and the audience. Their boredom is your enemy, and your ideas and tricks - the best weapon. Choose your cards with the mind and try to understand the mood of the crowd. That attractively in the deep south will not necessarily work on industrialized north! To understand all you yourself will have the Amazing American Circus download torrent Xattab. Collect a unique troupe. As the owner of a meaningless circus, you desperately need to find new members of the troupe, competing with another circus. You collect an exotic team of strange personalities that will act for you, but you can deliver the best show in the vicinity traveling from the coast on the coast? And remember you will not become a circus giant with a group of selected performers. You will constantly replace performers to make your show attractive for different audiences. Manage and expand the circus troupe!

Amazing American Circus is a unique mixture of RPG, "Tycoon" and a card game. Collect a strong block of cards, improve the results of your troupe and control the circus. Unlock new wagons and access new skills, strengthening and subjects. Unique story, love for intrigue and hated enemies, excellent shows with exciting spectators and quests, all this is shrouded in the style of a penny of novels of the beginning of the 20th century - this is what the amazing American circus offers.

Features The Amazing American Circus

  • Become a legend! Save the evacuated circus, collect the troupe of artists and dare the challenge the highest showman on the ground -. T. Barnum.
  • Immerse yourself in a dramatic story, the action of which arises in the rapid time of the industrial revolution and twilight wild wests and will plunge into the beautiful and gloomy world of American folklore.
  • Discover Discover the Spirit of Penny Romanov! They sold incredible stories and dialogues, recreation of a classic lack of the past.
  • More than 100 real historical and legendary characters from the border of 19 and 20 centuries, such as John D. Rockefeller, Susan B. Anthony or Nikola Tesla
  • Collect a group of outstanding artists and screams, each of which has its own history and go on a trip to the United States of the 19th century.
  • Enjoy the epic soundtrack inspired by classic circus music.

Year: 2021
Developer: Klabater Juggler Games
Publisher: Klabater
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 3.39 GB

  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: Intel HD 4400 or Equivalent
  • DirectX: Versions 11
  • Space: 5 GB

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