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The Backrooms Survival

The Backrooms: Survival is a horror game with roguelike elements. Players find themselves in seemingly endless narrow corridors known as side rooms, where they have to explore carefully to find their way out. You have to try to stay healthy, looking for food and drink and avoiding possible enemy actions hiding in corners. Explore the back rooms and ascend to higher levels, each with multiple directions, directions, events, and ventures. Backrooms: survival is based on the popular creepypasta, which appeared on the internet not too long ago.

A story about a mysterious place that looks like an empty office, with yellow wallpaper, damp carpet underfoot and buzzing fluorescent lights overhead. A painfully familiar room awaits you in the next round, and few can escape it, but even if you are lucky enough to find a door, don't get excited, as it only leads to the next level, which is an endless pool or a maze of stone walls. The Backrooms Survival download torrent on PC from Mechanics you can free on the buttons below. Backrooms: survival is a fresh and unique take on backrooms, and so it has some original units and levels of its own, as well as some that will be familiar to those familiar with backrooms "internet knowledge". Randomly created levels - side rooms are randomly created with each new arcade so you get a new experience each time and don't have to remember the layout. Different themes / types of layers with many different types of devices and elements. Different layouts and different backroom themes.

Multiplayer play with 6 friends and explore the side rooms or join other existing online games in the community room. In the settings, you can disable / enable non-contact voice chat. Survival Items - You need to rummage through the technical rooms looking for food and water that you find to survive, such as spilling drinks on the ceiling and devouring the already dead to stay healthy. The game has a special leaderboard where you can keep track of your own achievements. You need to create your own character by choosing a name, an avatar and customizing it the way you want. Graphics are in the spirit of 90's projects. Fly and create a retro atmosphere with visual effects. Potential death of the player (permadeath) will mean defeat without the ability to use a save and try again. Losses are credited to the system "Orbirtruary", which affects your position on the table. Permadeath - death in the backrooms, just like in our reality, is constant. If you only have a quick storage room that automatically exits when you die, be careful, as death can lurk around every corner in the tech rooms. Choose your players - select a random player before entering the breweries, or create your own by choosing your name, avatar, and choose from a list of real professions, each offering unique bonuses. In the meantime, you need The Backrooms Survival download torrent on MS latest version.

Retro-graphic style inspired by 1990s console gaming. Manage your warehouse - In the technical room you will find all kinds of things ... From edible substances to useful tools and not so useful waste. You need to manage a lot of storage cells and prioritize what you might need most on the leaderboard, a global leaderboard that lets you see who can fit on the highest and lowest levels of the side rooms. Obituary system - all unsuccessful attempts to escape from the fatal side rooms are recorded with "obituary systems" games. Just like the leaderboard/record system, it stores data coming into the brew such as player name, age, occupation, cause of death,

Year: 2022
Developer: RECODE
Publisher: RECODE
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.643 Gb

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • CPU: 2GHz
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Video2GB
  • Space1 Gb

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The Backrooms Survival screenshot The Backrooms Survival screenshot The Backrooms Survival screenshot The Backrooms Survival screenshot The Backrooms Survival screenshot The Backrooms Survival screenshot

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