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The Deadly Tower Of Monsters Thanks to creative and good-natured game studios, gamers could not just pass interesting games, but also independently build a storyline. Could even create a game in the game. And this time they are offered to make a movie. This can be done in the game The Deadly Tower of Monsters, download torrent with the help of our resource can every1. This product cannot boast of breathtaking graphics and serious battles, but at its disposal there are their trumps.

First of all it is worth talking about the genre - Setting. Now he is not so popular, and, perhaps, because this project is interested in. This direction implies two products in 1. Developers offer gamers to remove the film, while playing in the game. The gameplay involves two modes: in the first players will be as a member of the film crew, in the second - one of the heroes of the film. Throughout the process, the player will be bored by a boring director, but in some situations his comments will be able to laugh all, and discharge a tense atmosphere. Evaluate a new project can all, for this will be enough the game of the Deadly Tower of Monsters download via torrent and through our site, and the execution of this task will not require a lot of time and effort. The whole team assembly and the film crew starts the process. The main characters who will be three are also sent to their seats. The task of each of them is to get to the top of the tower and go through all obstacles. But after a while, the characters find out that all the obstacles are quite real, and the monsters who will meet on the way, do not look like toy. But our heroes are so easy not to break, especially since one of them is a fearless man, the second is a robot, and the third, rather, the third is a cute girl who can charm and overheut even monster intelligence. All three heroes understand that, only coming to the top, they will be able to go back to their. Players can take themselves any character, and, using all his abilities, help him get to the goal. Traveling around the tower will be dangerous, but very interesting, because you have to think a lot, solve logical tasks, fight opponents, and lay the way to the top. Ask the characters can only be the one who will be able to download the Deadly Tower of Monsters through torrent and through our portal. Sometimes it will be scary, but in general - interesting and exciting.

Features The Deadly Tower Of Monsters

• Creating a movie. The participants of the film crew players will not be long because the main character is the one who is filmed in the film. Managing his hero, and overcoming with him all sorts of obstacles, the gamers thus will participate in the shooting of the film, because the camera will constantly be included. What is the spectacular victory over the enemy - the better it will look on the screen.• three absolutely different characters. On the first view, they seem not remarkable personalities. Well, except that the robot. But in fact, each of them has its own characteristics, unique opportunities, plus, all of them are well dominated by different types of weapons, and in battles it will help.• Bonuses. Each character on the way to the top of the tower can go to the lower floors. But this does not mean his death, soon on the contrary, for the fact that the hero will have to brand the whole long way, it will be laid bonuses. They can be used in different ways, but mainly they relate to additional weapons and improved armor.• Diverse enemies. In this matter, too, they will not be bored, because the opponents will be very much. Among them will be dinosaurs, monkeys, people-lizards, aliens, flying plates and it is not all. Of course, they will not be pleasant in appearance, so you have to come with it.

Year: 2016
Developer: Ace Team Software
Crack: Included (from the Codex group)
Download Size: 0.641 GB

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The Deadly Tower Of Monsters screenshot The Deadly Tower Of Monsters screenshot The Deadly Tower Of Monsters screenshot The Deadly Tower Of Monsters screenshot The Deadly Tower Of Monsters screenshot The Deadly Tower Of Monsters screenshot

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