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TNE GAME OF LIFE 2 now on PC. This digital board game is the official continuation of the classic game TNE Game Of Life. It offers more features and more freedom at every stage of the game with a fully animated 3D absorbing disk. You have thousands of new meaningful ways to live your life before you get to the destination. The big world presented a few surprises, and on the way you will find everything without exception.

Go on the journey, develop your character, always find something new and enjoy the atmosphere created by developers. By the way, here is really cool atmosphere. TNE GAME OF LIFE 2 download torrent on a PC you can free on any of the links on our site.

Distance does not interrupt the game when you communicate with four players from around the world. Invite up to 4 friends or family in private multiplayer game. Play against friends on their PC phones! In the fight against complex artificial intelligence, never play al1. Just hold the keyboard or mouse between players to easily play offline. Check out other records such as Fairy Kingdom, Haunted Hills and Frozen Lands, as well as a seasonal subscription to unlock TNE TNE GAME OF LIFE 2. It should also be noted that freedom of choice is free, which pleases the player and makes the game more realistic. Repeat the role of the main character you chose at the beginning and assign certain skills and external attributes to it. Go to the colorful world, explore it along and across and live the life of the chosen character as you want. Remember that every decision you accept and each of your industries has consequences. So you need to be very careful. This game offers many options, a large number of useful features, as well as a selection of vehicles that you can move from one place in the city to another. Build your own career, go up to all new and new vertices and become the best in your business. Traveling through life requires excellent gear! Adjust the pink, blue or purple pin. The life of teenagers on the board may seem frightening, but there is no pressure! TNE GAME OF LIFE 2 begins when important decisions are really accepted and the choice remains yours! Your life is in your hands! Get out married, become worthy, be a star and domestic creek. In Game of Life 2, the road still has a zigzag form, and now the intersection can give you another chance - so it's never late to marry or get a higher education!

You are there millions or good times? Game Game 2 is much more than just money. Get what you need to have happiness, wealth and knowledge, and the end result will be the result of your success! Receive awards for the opening of new things! Open new characters, clothes and vehicles, playing the game and get awards! Type 60 Good luck glasses, pass 100 fields and assemble 5,000,000; Each success opens a piece of puzzle. After completing 6 puzzles, you can unlock the bonus object, and in every world there are eight objects open! Complete the magic mission in the fabulous air, graze monsters on the broken hills, discover the magic of frozen lands and implement a dinosaur of your dreams Age of Giants! Life Game 2 seasonal subscription contains another 4 world.

Features of Game of Life 2

  • Adjusted by Gubam
  • Choosing a car
  • City administration
  • Other features, such as the ability to change the work, return to school and get married later.
  • New career, including video clrokeries, gameridizers, athletes and grooms.
  • Pet adoption
  • Get new habits, including knowledge, hero glasses and wealth.
  • Ability to continue the game after retirement

Year: 2021
Developer: Marmalade Game Studio Ltd
Publisher: Marmalade Game Studio Ltd
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 0.597 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • Video: DirectX 10
  • Space: 2 GB

The Game of Life 2 Screenshots:

The Game Of Life 2 screenshot The Game Of Life 2 screenshot The Game Of Life 2 screenshot The Game Of Life 2 screenshot The Game Of Life 2 screenshot The Game Of Life 2 screenshot

1. Mount the image using Daemon Tools or another program
2. Install the game (put a checkbox "Copy Contents of Codex Directory to InstalDir" or copy the contents of the Codex folder to the game folder, replace)
3. Play

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