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The Immortal Mayor

The Immortal Mayor is a construction and management simulator in which you play for the local god that controls the Earth. Make friends with other gods and use magic to help residents build a city, receiving donations from their people and developing your city. This is usually a typical town-planning strategy when you need to build a city and buildings on its territory, develop infrastructure and solve various tasks.

You must take sharp and quick decisions to follow people who always need something and even more. At the same time, however, this game is fraught with other mechanisms that are usually not found in urban planning strategies. Urban construction. As a local god on Earth, your main mission is to be careful and leading your people to build a city from scratch. Collect Natural Resources, Build Production and Residential Premises and make basic need to bring people peace and prosperity. The Immortal Mayor download torrent you can now on the button below.

The inhabitants have their own preferences and feelings. They are happy when they have a good house, and upset when they are not fun. Try to see them and build at home, create jobs, get an education, necessary leisure and entertainment. Anna wanted to earn their worship and trust. Residents have their own preferences and desires. They like to live in a new house and get enough food. Dissatisfaction of citizens increases when they remain without work or can not find suitable entertainment. Settlers need constant control. Think about classes, learn their crafts and character. Direct your wishes into a constructive channel, and you will become a real spatial planning gurus.

Like the Local God of Earth, you have access to elementary magic, for example, to change the position of things in the city. If you want to use more magic magic, use the proposals of your people to meet other gods that can give you their strength and help in the development of your city. For example, older people can significantly increase the desire of people to marry and raise children, and the weather can help you control the weather. Each resident has its own preferences and need to accept certain emotions. They will be happy if their home will be comfortable and equipped with all amenities, and vice versa, they will be shocked if they won't be fun. Take care of them and satisfy all their needs in a timely manner so that they live as carefree as much as possible. Buildings and decorations are waiting for you in this game, but first you have to download torrent to PC. You can build and improve dozens of different buildings to improve people's living and labor conditions. In addition, this game has hundreds of unique decorations, each of which has its own style. When you decorate your city, you will find that some decorations have unique combined effects. Try different combinations and activate the effects that the city is beautiful and prosperous. In the city is not always quiet. Rich cities attract monsters that destroy your buildings and deprive you of resources. You can build urban walls and towers to delay the attacks of monsters, and you can also use magic to lead your inhabitants in battle to fight with monsters with dolls.

Year: 2021
Developer: Star Chess Studio
Publisher: Yooreka Studio
Crack: Included (SL)
Download Size: 3.68 GB

  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: AMD A10 7850K / Intel i3-2000 (3 GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video: Radeon R9 280 / GeForce GTX 960 (4 GB)
  • Space: 10 GB

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The Immortal Mayor screenshot The Immortal Mayor screenshot The Immortal Mayor screenshot The Immortal Mayor screenshot The Immortal Mayor screenshot The Immortal Mayor screenshot

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