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The Last of US on PS 3

Fascinating adventure action from a third party. Humanity was under the threat of extinction, in connection with this, that the deadly virus began to spread on the planet. For unknown reasons, fungus, which was previously widely used in cosmetology practice, began to mutate. Since the powerful cosmetic industry has managed to distribute the products containing this fungus around the world, an unknown plague covered everything at once.

There is no possibility to localize it, because there is no focus of distribution.


The plot of the game takes its beginning after twenty years from the previously disasters of events. In the first years after the tragedy - billions of infectious people died. Of those who stayed alive - millions lost human appearance, in the literal sense it is values. Those who were lucky not to infect, were in the world of chaos and evil. In order to survive, many are ready to go for any meanness. The main character named Joel, a middle-aged man arrives in the city of Boston. There he accidentally meets with a desperate girl - a teenager who lost her relatives. He understands that she does not survive and take her mind.


Joel and Ellie, so calling his companion, go to search for a safe place where you can live away from many dangers of the new world. The world in which the marauders and killers reign. The world in which cities were destroyed, wildlife began to rule in their own former territories, where it is impossible to trust any1. Subsequently, Ellie, which in his life and did not know another world, will not help Joela, in a difficult situation. Download the Last of US download torrent on PS 3 You can on our website. The game will help you try your hand in such extreme conditions. You need to extract yourself food and water, find safe shelter for overnight stay, fight off merciless enemies. Carefully exploring the terrain on which you are moving, pay attention to items that can be used as self-defense guns.

Game developers - created a fascinating plot. The struggle for survival in such a harsh world, what they suggested to us, encourages to appreciate what we have in our reality.

Features The Last of US on PS 3

  • Very reliably displayed streets of destroyed cities, each detail is thought out.
  • Do not hope that you will have a weapon arsenal, make it for myself.
  • The effect of presence - achieved due to the atmosphere of the game, which will absorb your consciousness.

Year: 2013
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 28.60 GB

  • Platform: PS3
  • Region: EUR
  • Disc Code: BCES01585
  • Firmware: 4.30 / Image for Cobra ODE / E3 ODE Pro
  • Multiplayer: Internet (8)

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The Last Of Us On Ps 3 screenshot The Last Of Us On Ps 3 screenshot The Last Of Us On Ps 3 screenshot The Last Of Us On Ps 3 screenshot The Last Of Us On Ps 3 screenshot The Last Of Us On Ps 3 screenshot

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