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The Long Dark

Want to know how to survive in very harsh winter conditions? Want to experience dangerous turns of the events when the help is to wait for now, and there are practically no resources and provisions? Then this adventure game in the style of horror and survival will help you see the terrible paintings in the game when your hero is hard to overcome the dangers that are waiting for him on the way. Darkness is approaching, the Arctic night will cover you soon, but to help you will be your own skill, tactics and strategy.

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The plot tells about one pilot, the plane of which, after inexplicable natural phenomena, is broken somewhere far in the forest more often of Northern Canada. And the survival process begins again. Only now there are no enemies around you - only snow-covered forests, and you yourself, the hero who is trying to survive for a long time. You go to the forest, and start looking for objects and asylum to warm your character and find him overnight. But the plot develops quickly, the night is approaching, and you start your research. Now nature will play against you. Snow storms, hurricanes - through it all will pass your desperate pilot. But someone survived even after the disaster? Find out this with the hero of this game.


You wander around snow plains and forests, trying to find items necessary for your survival. Note that opponents will not be almost. But at one point you will still be able to meet a cunning enemy. And then the battle will be cruel. To do this, find yourself at least some weapon. You will be able to fight using any tedded tools found, and then you can find a new weapon, earning glasses in the game. At every stage of the game you will see asylum where you can get warm. But it is best to build your housing, because in someone else's hibare is dangerous. In the game The Long Dark, download torrent which is possible on our game site, you will find other survivors, but only it will not be your allies - it will be the enemies, the greed and the trick of which simply does not know the limits.

Interesting Facts

In the course of the game, you will see how from the mouth of your hero goes winter pairs - here graphic characteristics cleverly thought out. You're around locations, and seeing the house, open it outlandized doors to find resources there. Find as many items as possible in every hut - and then you will probably survive in such difficult winter northern conditions!

Features The Long Dark

  • Limited resources. Since the game wears survival genre, you will not see a lot of resources that you can use in the game. Finding items, you must save them, and you only need to use them.
  • Natural disasters. Not only snow storms and blizzards will interfere with you along the game, but also unusual inexplicable natural phenomena will be your sworn enemies. Magnetic storms will affect your character's condition.
  • Development of the storyline. Your unusual actions can affect the entire gameplay, so learn your hero, pump out his mental abilities, because it is very difficult to survive in winter harsh conditions.
  • Hero and Weapon Equipment. Weapons can be obtained only if you go through the number of steps in the game. But it must also be used correctly, because the cartridges are limited. Equipment can also be changed.
  • Refuge and shelter. You can independently build yourself a surcharge to wait the night there, and you can find a refuge on locations. Seeing the fire, do not strive rapidly there, there may be a trap.
  • Graphics. You will see beautiful natural phenomena, including colorful northern lights.

Year: 2014
Developer: Hinterland Studio Inc
Publisher: Hinterland Studio Inc
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 6.78 GB

  • OS: Windows XP | Windows 7
  • CPU: Dual-Core Intel i5 CPU @ 2GHz+
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: Intel 4xxx Series W / 512MB VRAM OR BETTER
  • DirectX®: ? (Version 11)
  • Sound: Any On-Board Chip Will Work

  • Space: 2.5 GB

The Long Dark Screenshots:

The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot

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