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The Long Dark

To study the world around the world of the snow-covered territory of Canada you will have to be in this version of the popular survival simulator. Your liner crashes as a result of a magnetic storm, and now you hit the snow-covered forest. It will be difficult to get out of there, so you need to show a seammer and logical thinking. Dangerous predators will meet on your way - they need to beware, because they can just break your hero into pieces.

Explore forest arrays, look for food, gear, select all items that will find on locations.

The plot of the new version

On the snowy territory you will have to. Determine immediately for yourself tactics. Find food and clothing, because in such harsh conditions it will be difficult to survive. Help Wait not from where, so you alone will need to move along the snow-covered locations. Finding a gun, you can hunt for local game. Just beware of the bears of Grizzly. These are very cunning predators that will constantly chase you. You can also find torch and lanterns. They will also be needed for you, because the bulk of the game you will be held at night.


There are few water and provisions, you will constantly feel a feeling of hunger and cold. So provisions and water are the main resources that you need to find and save. Follow the temperature of your body. The slightest supercooling of the body can lead to fatal outcome. In the game The Long Dark, download torrent in which you can free on our game site, you will learn how to shoot. You will need to become a hunter to feed your main character. You can still get game glasses for the study of the territories. In the snow storm you can hide in abandoned houses. So use all the resources to survive in such difficult conditions.


In this version of the game you can use even more game resources. You will find lighters, matches, lanterns. Such means you will need especially at night. Beware of wild animals. At this time they are most aggressive.

Features The Long Dark

  • Weapon. You will be able to defend against predators using sticks and branches. But gradually, as glasses accumulate, you can get rifles and rifles for predator hunting.
  • Natural phenomena. Storms and Touran are very dangerous for your hero. Watch a storm, you can in the shelter that you yourself build with the help of the founders found.

Year: 2017
Developer: Hinterland Studio Inc
Publisher: Hinterland Studio Inc
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 6.78 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Dual-Core Intel i5 CPU @ 2GHz+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: Intel 4xxx Series W / 512MB VRAM OR BETTER
  • Space: 6 GB

The Long Dark Screenshots:

The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot The Long Dark screenshot

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