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The Witness

This game, published on a non-known platform, Braid and she came out on PS4 platforms, of course, on a personal computer, also did not forget about iOS. And judging by the words Also, no less famous man Jonathan Blow, in the game world, that passing this, entertaining, and not quite simple at first glance game The Witness download torrent.

Game process

On its passage, on average, you will spend forty game hours, but again everything depends only on the logic and player's desire.

And with all this it will not be boring, because the developers themselves, provided to your attention the whole game world, that is, its study, and in any order convenient for you. The game is represented in an unusual retro style, but at the same time, is a logical game that can be said from the first minutes after launch, and from which it is impossible to refuse. It is waiting for you a rather intricate plot, because the hero suffers to Amnesia, so that his past is covered with darkness for him, and at the moment does not understand where he and what happened to him.

Plot and gameplay

The player will have to start his adventures with a strange basement, not familiar at home, but not everything is so scary sunlight He will see, choosing from this house. But the oddities do not stop on this, it turns out to be on the island, on which a huge number of secrets and mysteries. And to find out who he and why it turned out here, to solve not one puzzle, and the first find is an audio record, from which he learns that the path to the mainland is, but it is not quite close and safe seemed to seem at first glance. And the mysterious voice sounding from the recording will lead the story of the island, and it will be possible to give some tips to the escape, from the island. The meaning of the game itself, which can download The Witness through the torrent, is the following, the study of the island and everything is located on it, while the player needs to be solved not one dozen puzzles, which can be found in the most unexpected places, since the territory inspires sizes, so here Cooker, logic, and spatial thinking will be useful as anywhere. And one more pleasant news, in this game there is no clear linear storyline as such, so you can start with anything. Since the developers did not adhered to the old tricks, and did not use famous mysteries and deadlocks. As a result, you can say The Witness download via torrent, and go forward to the strength of your smelter, and all the resourcefulness, in order to get out of this island.

Features The Witness

  • The graph is striking, with its originality of the drawing of nature, in the most realistic form, for example, the trees do not look like scenery, the grass around as if the living, drawing of buildings and of course the puzzles themselves can be said to the developers in this regard tried.
  • The storyline is unusual, since it is essentially no, the player is given complete freedom of action, the whole island on which he will be at his disposal, and maybe a player himself, how and how he starts his way, and choose his own assignments that he wants to fulfill But there are no light riddles.
  • Riddles and building puzzles, not quite common as for this kind of games. So for which an unusual approach is needed, you need to be patient and the time allocated to their solution.
  • Flash game, passage does not take months of passage, for this it does not eat, and on the contrary only pushes to solving all the tasks set in front of the player, because it is interesting that at the very end.
  • The gameplay is surprisingly selected only for the player's favor, it allows you to fulfill to perform, tasks that require clarity, and difficulties in performance, also movement of the hero on the expanses of the game world.

Year: 2016
Developer: Number None Inc Thekla
Publisher: Thekla Inc
Crack: Included (Mechanics)
Download Size: 3.44 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU: 1.8 ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: Intel HD 4000 Series (DirectX: 10)
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 4 GB

The Witness Screenshots:

The Witness screenshot The Witness screenshot The Witness screenshot The Witness screenshot The Witness screenshot The Witness screenshot

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