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Thea: The Awakening

Amazing and colorful computer toy, which was created in an action-rpg genre with craft elements, a variety of mini-games, which was worked out in the fictional world with Slavic mythology. It is worth noting that the developers have a lot of time "killed" to their product, and believe me, they are not in vain "eat their bread". Thea: The Awakening game, download torrent, which any player can get impressive, dynamic and even with notes of drama in the plot.

Therefore, what can I think here, you need to download the game. Although before that, we recommend that you read our review.

Plot and game world

In front of you reveals his expanses gloomy, fictional world. All here are permeated by Slavic mythology, and the main character is not anyone else, as the most real God. Although it is possible to choose the role of a simple mortal: the leader of one of the small groups of people. The game script describes the world that is not really. After hundreds of years of darkness, the first rays of the sun appear above the Earth, and hope is back. Scattered around the world of a group of surviving people choose from their shelters to find a house. But not only they want to survive in the new world. But many mystical creatures that are still stronger and hid in short shadows. In this toy you will not meet the heroes or villains, there is no clear division on good and evil. Also here fail to manage the Great Army. Only a few desperate, starving people who are trying to survive in the new world.

Game process

In the gameplay toys Thea: The Awakening, download via torrent, which you can easily have several fundamental foundations: this is the management of settlement, crafting, card game, resource collection, plot missions. Now let's talk about each of the basics in brief.

  • Management of settlement. The player needs to decide how best to use limited tools for the team. Including labor - to send people to build a house or produce resources. Competent distribution of limited resources - the pledge of survival
  • Card game. Toy for a few minutes turns into a card strategy where your people are cards. They will have bonuses to combat various misfortunes - diseases, enemies, and so on.
  • Studying card and craft. The environment in the game is generated by a random manner, and with each passage you will get a unique story and peace.
  • Strange creatures that are enemies of people. The game is a lot of opponents who take shape both animals and people. They are dangerous and insidious, capable of taking the appearance of even your friend.

Interesting Facts

As we mentioned above, in the toy download Thea: The Awakening, through the Torrent Player Vain to be not only mortal, but also the Allcomers God! They are only eight and each of them has a special skill. And besides, the awards and disclosed elements are transferred to the following passage and thus increase the reegrity.

Features Thea: The Awakening

  • Fantasy Mir. The environment in the game is completely three-dimensional, contains a lot of beautiful landscapes, and a unique atmosphere.
  • Step-by-step strategic gameplay. During battles, the field takes the kind of hexogonal plane. Step-by-step fights will be dynamic, believe me.
  • There are about two hundred nonlinear events in the game, in each of which treasures are waiting for you.
  • Slavic mythology. The authors of the game were inspired by our legends, and created truly ninety unforgettable creatures.
  • Day / Night system affects the gameplay. It is easier for afternoon, and at night - a mystical creature can attack you, able to destroy the whole detachment in the moment.
  • According to the plot in the game, several endings issued on the basis of solutions during the game.

Year: 2015
Developer: Muha Games
Publisher: Muha Games
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.03 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10
  • CPU: Intel Or AMD Dual Core X86 OR X64
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: DirectX 10 Class GPU WITH 512MB VRAM
  • Space: 1 GB

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Thea: The Awakening screenshot Thea: The Awakening screenshot Thea: The Awakening screenshot Thea: The Awakening screenshot

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