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Them and us

Them and US is a classic horror for survival with a slope for immersion in the atmosphere of the game. Learn the truth about the past Alisha, while he is deeply immersed in an endless nightmare. The player will have to not only survive, but also look for way out of this nightmare. The main thing in the game does not allow yourself a crowd of monsters. If you are infected, it will not be the opposite.

In homes and other places you will find cartridges, necessary subjects, medicines. To survive, the developers will throw a shotgun, with which it will be much easier to fight. The problem of the game is that on the plot we need to just move in an unknown direction. No one leads our actions, and Alicia will gradually lose energy. To avoid death, you need to relax, and the shots raised all the zombies around us on our ears. Them and us download torrent The latest version can be each with references below.

In the yard of 1978. The bus fell into a terrible accident on the winding of the groundless roads of the infinite American desert. Only one person survived. Young woman, Alisha, whose mind is injured old tragedy. She is 1. Wounded. And the real nightmare begins to unfold around him. You will not give the world of memories. They are all the time of breeding consciousness, maybe there is hidden, something important. Go to Rander, do not lose self-control. The creators are invited to visit the mysterious mansion, filled with events and monsters, ready to pounce. At the same time, it is necessary to let go from them, solve puzzles and with the help of your own memory to be broken through the line of the narration.

The struggle for his life, Alisha turns out to be in thick events, explain that it is not able to "transformation", absorbing the world. What is his reason? Unknown. Enemies in the game are bloodthirsty dead, the origin of which is hidden behind the scene decoration. Stori-Line causes many questions from the player to search for answers to which Gamer should carefully study the world around him, while walking dead. Despite the status of "indie games", the developers did not shake various details, all sorts of trifles and types of opponents. But first of all you need to them and us download torrent Hattab. Dead loans in the game are quite a lot, and they all differ from each other: some barely moving, others, on the contrary, run quickly.

Players will fulfill the role of the main character of Alicia, and you must fight with the real horror. In addition, it will be necessary to survive in nightmare, you will have to resist zombiapocalypsis. With each night you start, you will dispel to unknown and only from you, will be dependent, can you survive or not. One of the features of this game is partially outdoor world. You will find a huge number of open seats - a gloomy village, forests, swamps, abandoned buildings. And most importantly, this is what the walking dead will wander everywhere. To destroy them you have to them and us download torrent . You will have to survive all possible ways, solve various puzzles, guessing mysteries, search for useful items and weapons, shoot from zombies and do much more. Especially dark night, the further Alisha moves to the unknown. She will survive?

Features Them and US

  • Fixed camera with reservoir and alternative control.
  • View from the third side with the eye on the shoulder.
  • Memories, Catscen, Memories and T. D. Served from the point of view of the main character.
  • Additional game content.
  • For more immersion in the game adds such effects of post-processing, as a glow, bulk rays and t. D.
  • 60 fps by default. You can unlock this indicator.
  • The ability to return to the graphics of the first generation consoles. Retro mode automatically includes a fixed chamber for greater complexity.
  • Realistic system of damage and dismemberment with blood.
  • Puzzles with ciphers and keys.
  • Resource management in real horror style for survival.
  • Memories, contributing to the development of the plot.

Year: 2021
Developer: Tendogames
Publisher: Tendogames
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 9.74 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: GeForce GTX 460 (1 GB)
  • Space: 28.9 GB

Them and US Screenshots:

Them And Us screenshot Them And Us screenshot Them And Us screenshot Them And Us screenshot Them And Us screenshot Them And Us screenshot

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