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This Is The Police 2

Catching criminals entrusted to the main character of this new fascinating game with in the genre of indie. This is a difficult game where you will be in the role of a policeman and a detective at the same time. Your cop is transferred to a small American town, where the crime rate simply raises. You will catch not only gangsters, but still deal with major mafia clans, and in this game there are and sales police.

So with them should be neat, and not they can substitute your hero and you will simply destroy the gangsters. In the game of this is the police 2, download torrent which is possible for free on our game server, you will manage a policeman who will lead the Police Department. You will question the gangsters, catch smugglers and take into clean water of dishonest police. This is a real detective adventure of India game where your heroine will have a number of special tasks.


Game events occur in an American city called Sharpwood. It is located in the border Northern District, so there are a lot of gangsters, especially smugglers who transport drugs and illegal goods across the border. In your subordination there will be a whole squad of the police who will give orders to your heroine. Among the cops there are also sales police that you need to calculate. After you catch a criminal, you can immediately send it to prison, if we are lying on the police, and you can first interrogate, call a lawyer. So choose your way to communicate with criminals. But when a mysterious stranger appears in the city, you will immediately realize that the city threatens the danger. So perform your police mission, as well as help the local sheriff in the fight against banditry in the city. The crime level is high in the city, so the work of your woman will be plentious. And you can get acquainted with different residents of the city. Believe me, one day they will just save your life. So use hard measures to combat criminals and gain experience in performing dangerous game assignments.

Mechanics of the game

In the game you can simultaneously engage in the captivity of criminals, and at the same time keep track of your subordinates to calculate the clock on your police station. Still a woman will communicate a lot with the inhabitants of the city. These will be people of different professions. Even with the worker of the morgue you can talk. Download This Is The Police 2 Through the torrent can each user of our free game site. Fascinating adventures are waiting for your heroine, which should overcome any ways of crime in their native settlement.

Look for criminals and gangsters, help local sheriff and all residents of the city. Won your honor and respect. Still, figure the pokcach in your team. But the stranger, about which we mentioned - this is the main enemy!

Features This Is The Police 2

  • City. This is a small town where everyone knows each other in the face. So you will be easier to catch criminals, and do not forget to interview witnesses.
  • Weapon. Your heroine will be equipped with a gun. She will be able to intimidate the criminal, and then take it into a plot and interrogated there, using its non-standard methods.
  • Transport. The game has its own car park, where you can buy a car for yourself to pursue the gangsters carrying smuggled cargoes.
  • Pumping. You can pump your hero after performing a number of major game missions. And then you can see a very new woman's copy, which also has an analytical warehouse of the mind.

Year: 2018
Developer: WEAPPY Studio
Publisher: Thq Nordic
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 3.88 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: Intel HD 4000, GeForce GT 330m, Radeon HD 4670 or Equivalent
  • DirectX: Versions 9.0
  • Space: 4 GB

This Is The Police 2 Screenshots:

This Is The Police 2 screenshot This Is The Police 2 screenshot This Is The Police 2 screenshot This Is The Police 2 screenshot This Is The Police 2 screenshot This Is The Police 2 screenshot

1. Mount the image using disk emulators, or unpack the usual archiver.
2. Install the game by following the instructions of the installation program.
3. Install update.
Launch the setup file.EXE from the Update folder and install the game folder.
Copy the contents of the Codex folder in the game folder.
4. Play.

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