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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Computer game Tomb Raider: Anniversary is reprinting in a significantly improved schedule of the famous project about the most charming, sexual and large-eyed tombs named Lara Croft. All this story for ten years. For your long history TOMB Rider, all the capabilities of consoles have grown much, and the new project is an excellent confirmation for this. If you want to evaluate the "jubilee" game of this series, then we recommend Tomb Raider Anniversary download torrent for free on our game storage.

The plot of the game begins from the moment when a rich client comes to Laru in India to Laru, with a proposal to find the rarest artifact of ancient Atlanta, saying that the first part is somewhere in the mountains of Peru. And how nevertheless our archaeologist could resist? Of course, Lara instantly goes to the road, which she promises her to visit South America, in Egypt and Greece.


In general, at Tomb Raider Anniversary lemputive remained unchanged, as always, the brave misfortune goes on the hunt for the mysterious "heritage". But even those who know this story by heart are waiting for the most unexpected surprises, various plot turns and even unprecedented details. Intrigued? Want to know everything in more detail? Then a hurry to download Tomb Raider Anniversary through torrent for free on our video game website right now. But the technical component of the game was subjected to the most cardinal processing. After all, the player is waiting for the secrets of the ancient tombs and the most dangerous opponents. At your disposal various acrobatic tricks and the whole arsenal of the skills of the most clever artifacts hunters.

Game process

Tomb Raider: Anniversary gameplay is built on the study of the world, finding different secrets, levers and acrobatics, with which we can climb on location in any direction. Among the monsters, we will mainly come across unfriendly fauna, as a real - in the form of wolves, tigers, bears and different monsters. Also our enemies will be mercenaries and gangsters, but they will come across much less often, and at the end of the levels bosses will be. It is worth a little saying about the combat system in which the target is selected by the machine, and when the required level of adrenaline is checked, the slow motion mode is turned on and a very dying battle stepped down.


In Tomb Raider Anniversary Your life will save acrobatics. It sounds strange, not? But in fact, in search of artifact Lara, not only weapons are needed, but also non-real dexterity. Because, violating the peace of the underworld, she brought the various dangers on whom the most ordinary people do not even guess. You are also waiting for brand new routes. Most episodes of the first part of Tomb Rider, for example, adventures in Peru, Greece and Egypt - in Tomb Raider: Anniversary were significantly expanded.

Ancient reptiles

This time, the caves and temples deleted from civilization have become a real refuge of the most dangerous predators. But in addition to bears, alligators and many other animals, Lara Croft will wait much more dangerous and deadly creatures. You really stand fear of terrible monsters and real dinosaurs.

Features Tomb Raider Anniversary

  • In the game you will find a remake of the legendary game Tomb Raider in modern chart.
  • For you, various game locations were prepared, a bonuses and secrets.
  • Stunning Animation of the Main Heroine.
  • Even more new movements - the ability to run around the walls and jump on narrow vertical platforms.
  • You are waiting for an updated and more spectacular combat mode.

Year: 2007
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Novij disk
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.67 GB

  • OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Pentium® III 1.4 GHz or Athlon XP 1500+
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Video: from MemoryYu 64 MB
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 4 GB

Tomb Raider Anniversary Screenshots:

Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot

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