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Top Gun: Hard Lock If you are "slightly" adrenaline addict, if you feel comfortable on supersonic speed, if your "lobby" can withstand absolutely anything, if they are obsessed with the sky, I strongly recommend TOR GUN: Hard Lock download torrent. Directly, the game itself is a combat air simulator with arcade elements. According to the developers themselves, a film of thirty years ago called "the best shooter", it was he who went to the cruise of the game (you can, by the way, at the same time, and with the film).

Unlike the film in the Games, however, it remains very little, since the game displays modernity, but the plot in Arcade is not important, though because. But in all other lovers of the genre, the game will please. Unlike most famous air simulators - this operates with modern concepts and modern appliances. It is not a secret that always and in all the highest and secret technologies, all the latest developments are first falling into the hands of the military. Here is the same. You are waiting for the most powerful engines, the most lightning speeds, the most powerful guns. These are not old "rifles" to which many are accustomed to in stimulants WW 2. It is about it that who missed the speed for a long time it's time to download torus: hard lock torrent. Here the speed is always above the speed of sound. And here on it, you have to join the fights with rivals, to leave the enemy rockets performing breathtaking alder, to apply rocket bomb strikes. In the main campaign you will be waiting for at least fifteen diverse missions. In which air battles are provided, the attacks of land and surface targets, the mission to protect "their" ships and land forces. Many different locations, but naturally, reflecting reality, most disassembly will occur in the African-Middle Eastern region. And in these disassembly, the best samples of combat aircraft and the best of the best Asov will come. In addition to a single company, for the passage of which will have to sweat, the multiplayer mode is additionally provided in the game. In multiplayer mode, in battle they can go to sixteen ("living") man, not counting bots, also in the multiplayer there is an opportunity to cooperate for joint confrontation of enemies. I think already sufficiently good causes torus Gun: Hard lock download torrent. Yes, and one more, naturally your plane will be stuffed with electronics no less than cosmic shuttle, I think you will appreciate the ease of guiding, keeping the goals and their defeat.


And for consolidation again emphasized Features: 1. One of the best air simulators on the subject of modern combat aviation.2. Game - the product is extremely successful and famous developers (you can even say the cult ").3. You can choose any of the warring parties by assessing the advantages of the enemy on its "skin".4. The game is extremely realistic and dynamic arcade (fly to goal and back to the hour do not have to. Main Boy!).5. The game presents the most modern and high-tech samples of combat aircraft.6. The main campaign that definitely rush to you nerves, in which fifteen a variety of missions. (Air battles, destruction and protection of Navy objects and land forces) 7. Automatic target guidance system.8. Multiplayer, allowing simultaneous participation to sixteen "living" players, both in confrontation between themselves and cooperation before the opponents.9. In the process of the battle, you are waiting for absolutely all laws of physics and equilibristics on supersonic speeds.10. Excellent graphics and increased realism. Wonderful specials. Effects. The scope of entertainment is not less than that of Hollywood blockbusters.

Year: 2012
Developer: Headstrong Games
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.43 GB

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