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Transport FEVER 2

In the genre of the classic transport simulator, a new gold standard appeared with Transport Fever 2. Discover a completely new world, focusing on transport routes for land, water and air. Let progress and prosperity find their way! Provide the whole world with the necessary transport infrastructure and get rich on individual transport services. Look how your trains walk along the rails, your buses and trucks thunder along the roads, your ships are moving around the water, and your planes torn in the sky.

Take people to work with me or play and become the cause of the growth and prosperity of cities. Delivery of raw materials and goods to stimulate the economy. Try the greatest problems of logistics from 1850 to the present day and build a transport empire that does not have equal anywhere in the world! To sense all the beauty of the game you need transport fever 2 download torrent.

Free Play offers a huge range of creative opportunities, and campaign mode rewrites transport history on three continents. Transport Fever 2 offers to choose from more than 200 cars from Europe, America and Asia, simulated with special details; And using the game editor you can recreate landscapes from three different climatic zones. Finally, a realistic simulator of transport and economy, as well as comprehensive support for modding complement the gameplay.

Open the world

A huge game world is waiting for your railways, road vehicles, airplanes and ships. Intuitive interactive tools for the construction of railways and the modular construction system of stations simplify the creation and expansion of the transport empire; and thanks to a wide range of configuration settings, each free game sets new tasks, where completely different strategies can lead to success.

Write the history of transport

Three historical campaigns held at different time periods and located on three different continents will put in front of you different tasks ... Only transport magnates will be able to fulfill all mission! Voice and cissence enrich the plot and contribute to the exciting gameplay, and even the free game mode will cast you a challenge with various achievements that can be unlocked.

Optimize infrastructure

It is very important to adapt your company to the needs of the economy and cities: bridges, tunnels, switches, railway signals, streets with one-way movement, light signals and bus bands are just some of the features that you can use to optimize transport infrastructure. , Even railway stations and airports can be complemented by modules to meet various requirements; And different levels of data help visualize traffic volumes and emissions, and also provide information for further improvements. What improvements are you talking about you will understand if you decide the transport Feather 2 download torrent.

Release your creativity

Thanks to the Detailed game world, you can create your own virtual railway landscape: the map editor makes it possible to create countless different worlds; The area in the game can be adjusted and color; Thanks to the extensive support for modding, new creations are constantly being developed, which can be obtained free of charge through the Steam workshop and which can be easily integrated into the game.

Features Transport Fever 2

  • Free game with countless configuration capabilities
  • Three campaigns on three continents with more than 20 hours of gaming time
  • Editors to create cards and edit saved games
  • Three types of landscape: moderate, dry and tropical
  • Really modeled cars from Europe, America and Asia
  • Total more than 200 vehicles: trains, buses, trams, trucks, aircraft and ships
  • Modular stations, bus and cargo stations, airports and ports
  • Realistic transport modeling, including one-sided movement streets and light signals
  • Editable and painted landscape with realistic effects
  • Intuitive tools for the construction of railways and much more
  • Display important data, such as traffic and emissions, on separate layers
  • Dynamic economy and city simulation
  • More than ten economic chains with related factories and goods
  • Cities with countless residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Detailed game world with physical lighting
  • Individually modeled terrestrial animals, birds and fish
  • More than 50 complex achievements in free game mode
  • Extensive reference support through Steam Workshop

Year: 2019
Developer: Urban Games
Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 9.91 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 OR 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel i5-2300 or AMD FX-4300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 OR AMD RADEON HD 7850, 2 GB VRAM

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Transport Fever 2 screenshot Transport Fever 2 screenshot Transport Fever 2 screenshot Transport Fever 2 screenshot Transport Fever 2 screenshot Transport Fever 2 screenshot

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