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Treasures of Montezumum 4

Montalesum Treasures 4 - the fourth part of the famous game from the genre of three in a row. Help Anna Find the country of her dreams and restore the ancient sanctuary. Wanted the heart of seven totems, open the gates between the worlds and free the emperor Monte-mind from the temporary conclusion. Create rows of identical chips, go through all the tests and find out the truth about the fate of your favorite heroes.

Montalesum Treasures 4 Represents the genre "three in a row". The game is quite familiar here: it puts the chips, collects monochrome items in the chain and increases the balance of points. If you make the string of the same color two times in a row, a totem will appear. In the meantime, hurry to download the treasures of Montesums 4 for free. There are 6 types. Blue striking lightning, red causes an explosion, orange adds a timer, green collects all crystals and adds new stones on the field, purple gives a random bonus, and gold doubles glasses. Each totem has its own level. Than it is higher, the more benefit the statue brings. Go on time trip and space, restore the ancient shrine and help the emperor Montesum and his beloved Anakaon to unite. And they support the brave seekers of adventure Anna and her faithful servant Tagil.

Find answers to questions that have tormented you from childhood, start cope with dozens of fascinating levels, collect rows of chips of one color for limited time. Magic bonuses and almighty totems are needed to perform tasks. Montesum and his wife Anakaon swore to love each other forever. Unfortunately, the city was attacked by the Spanish invaders and their Indian allies. The gods opened the portal to escape from Montesum and Anacaon, but only Montesum did it when a poisonous arrow killed Anakaron. But they say that if someone dies less peacefully, he is reborn. You, Anna, dreamed about.Techere most of his life. Now you go to the old town, and the speaking statue tells you that if you can solve this series of puzzles, your true fate will reveal. But first, the treasures of Montesums 4 Download torrent.

You can get them if you remove a certain number of chips from the field and complete the level of gold, silver or bronze.but.ARO. Earning glasses, buy improvements that can restore the old land as soon as possible and open the gates between the worlds. You appreciate Montezuma 4 also has achievements that are displayed on a separate screen and map. Recent users will be collected as your promotion. The game is based on the "three in a row" system, but in addition to the usual combination of the same chips, the game also has a series of mini-games and puzzles, which are also levels and places. And now the time of the treasure of Montesum 4 download free full version. For example, you need to collect gold or go on excavations to find a secret. The task of each level is becoming more complicated, but if you do not get the required number of points per minute, you will lose instead, the result will be low. Then the next round opens. The degree of complexity can be individually adjusted. Than he is higher, the less bonuses and bonuses is given.

Features of the treasure of Montesum 4

  • 3 completely new game modes
  • 98 levels in history mode and 69 levels in search mode
  • Last battle with the boss.
  • Seven powerful totems and 8 unique bonuses, each of which can bring victory
  • Ability to build and improve zigkurat
  • Ability to develop your character

Year: 2013
Developer: SPL
Publisher: Alawar
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.403 GB

  • Support OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • CPU: 1.6 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Video: Compatible S DirectX 9.0
  • Space: 500 MB

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Treasures Of Montezuma 4 screenshot Treasures Of Montezuma 4 screenshot Treasures Of Montezuma 4 screenshot

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