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Combine any computers on the Internet, create gaming virtual networks to work perfectly and play your favorite games with Tunngle. You can download torrent on our website. Gamers from all over the world for quite a long time and with great success use Tunngle. Now there is absolutely no reason to deny yourself the pleasure, fight in one of the virtual games you have chosen. The server path is not available or a dedicated server requires setting, all this in the past.

You can quickly, comfortable and without any effort to enjoy a cooperative game. For the connoisseurs of network games, this program is just a golden key from all doors. The program provides an emulator of local networks. All you need is to start the game through a virtual network. Of course you will have to work a little bit and pre-pass a simple registration before you start using the program. Specify your EX-file on the PC and install the connection to users, it will be better if the connection is protected (so just in case) and you can start the application. This program is so universal and so comfortable for users that its popularity is steadily growing. All thanks to the ability to exchange messages in the chat, create profiles, be aware of events every day, receiving news. Tunngle is the best game network in the world.

Tunngle is a client program that works exclusively on VPN technology and is specifically designed for games in multiplayer mode. Thanks to the program presented, you have the opportunity to play along with your friends on the Internet, as if it were a local network.To date, on the Internet "walks" many programs that are intended for multiplayer games, however, Tunngle is an unconditional leader among them because it offers much more functions than all competitors. For example, the program shows a list of networks and users attached to the Games. In addition, it allows you to access these toys only one click. And right now you have a unique opportunity Tunngle download torrent on our website web resources. It is worth noting that each gaming network in the program has its own chat, due to this you can easily communicate with any active user from your network.

Local network via the Internet

As mentioned above, Tunngle is the most powerful tool for creating gaming virtual local networks. In a broader sense, this application can be used to configure an arbitrary network, combining completely any computers on the Internet for this, but it received special popularity in the gamers.

The presented program allows you to easily play your games on the LAN (LAN) via the Internet. This means that when you run Tunngle, then you can use your game local network menus to play online in your favorite games with other gamers.

Revival of classic games

In the event that the support of your favorite online game stopped, Tunngle will be able to give your game a new life thanks to a powerful local network emulator. You need to just join the right network, run the game and continue to play it through a virtual local network.

In addition, Tunngle has a number of additional beneficial options for maximum enjoyment of the gameplay. For example, you can create profiles, exchange messages in the chat, getting the latest news from the world of games and much more. In general, Tunngle today is considered to be one of the best game networks that combined more than 7,000,000 users worldwide.

Year: 2010
Developer: Tunngle
Publisher: Tunngle
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.004 GB

Tunngle Screenshots:

Tunngle screenshot Tunngle screenshot

1. Register account: https://www.Tunngle.NET / EN / ACCOUNT /?REGISTER = 1
2. Install the program. Installation can write that the program is not compatible with your operating system. Do not be scared, there is nothing terrible. Quietly continue the installation.
3. Run, and then enter the name and password that you entered when registering on the site. Note that when registering you entered two passwords. One for the program itself, the other for the account on the site.
4. Choose a genre in the left half of the window.
5. Choose the desired game room in the right half of the window.
6. Run the game, go to the LAN server browser in the game, and then select the server and play!

Remember that for some games you need to make certain actions so that you can play on the network. Read game manuals to find out the details.

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