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Two Point Campus - Campus building simulator. Time to turn your training upside down! Want to gnaw at the granite of science? Or mold it into a true work of educational art? The Two Point campus has plenty of creative new tools to help you build the university of your dreams. In urban simulator offers not only to build buildings for the university, but also to come up with non-standard disciplines, which the gamer is going to teach teenagers. The original suggestion was to start choosing a suitable location to build.

But first you need to download Two Point Campus torrent on PC. The game has an extensive toolbox, so that the player can build any building to his liking, adding, for example, a campus with dining halls, different classes, choosing a favorable location for his university campus. In the process, you can set up a sidewalk, move trees, plant different plants, place sculptures, hedges, fountains, benches, and fences wherever you want. Enjoy the fresh air! Build a delightful campus with the best restaurants (and, of course, educational facilities) among the meadows and fields of Tu Point County. You can build according to standard templates or choose a location for each tree: your university is your rules!

Create tracks with new easy-to-use tools. Plant lush collections of outdoor plants. Place benches, fountains, sculptures, hedges, and even picket fences. Create anything your imagination (and your game bank account) allows. You will have to start small, namely by building your first campus. You will have a large area at your disposal, and it is advisable to decide right away, what will be your institution in the future. We recommend you Two Point Campus download mechanics torrent, and then choose a place and build the first campus, then build a canteen for students, other buildings for classes and everything the students need. And further, by attracting students to the college and earning experience and money, you can unlock access to a huge number of other no less interesting features. Instead of the usual academic disciplines, the students of Toe Point County take incredible and crazy courses. Like the School of Knights (yes, knowing how to wield a spear always comes in handy). Or mouthwatering cooking classes where students make giant pizzas and oversized pies.

Take the chance to bring some order to your establishment while there aren't too many people here. The school year begins with the summer vacations, so you will have enough time to properly prepare for the arrival of students. Choose the best, most colorful places in Two Point County and build a stunning campus with the best restaurants and academic disciplines. You are free to conduct construction according to pre-prepared templates, or you can choose your own place for each object. The most interesting detail concerns the local subjects, because here you won't be learning the usual subjects like math, etc., Instead, you can set up a school of knights, cookery, and a dozen other courses! Build libraries, hire the best eccentric professors and mad scientists, add the most interesting courses to your schedule, and watch your students' academic potential unfold!

Hard work isn't everything. Get to know your students, study their characters, desires and dreams. But first, hurry Two Point Campus download torrent latest version. Organize student clubs, clubs and concerts to give them a break from cramming. In addition, each student who attends our university has a unique personality and expectations for the campus. They can expect certain courses, student clubs, or initiatives to be associated with other. Satisfied students will learn faster, so the university will have a better reputation. The game is characterized by freedom and openness. The main element of the game is the single player mode. Surround them with friends, help them develop relationships, treat them with care and sensitivity, and let them enjoy life sometimes. And then over the years they will turn into incredible people and the pride of your school.

Year: 2022
Developer: Two Point Studios
Publisher: SEGA
Crack: Included (Ryujinx/Yuzu Switch Emulators)
Download Size: 1.84 Gb

  • OS2 Point Campus: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64 bit)
  • CPU: 4-core
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce 970
  • Space: 2.9 GB (up to 4.3 GB at the time of installation)

Two Point Campus screenshots:

Two Point Campus screenshot Two Point Campus screenshot Two Point Campus screenshot Two Point Campus screenshot Two Point Campus screenshot

Install and play.

All builds of Yuzu have a bug with the black castle on maps when outdoors
- Play on one of the two emulators included, on which performance on your system will be better
- Initial loading may take a few minutes on a black screen - just wait
- In Ryujinx you can increase your FPS by turning off Vsync (bottom left corner of the emulator window)
- In Yuzu you can increase the FPS by pressing Ctrl+U
- Setup takes a few minutes
- Language changes in game settings
- Use Ryujinx from the folder "_Ryujinx Windows 7" to play on Windows 7 if the standard Ryujinx doesn't work

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