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V Rising

V Rising is a thrilling survival game set in a fantasy gothic world. Waking up after centuries of dreams as a weakened vampire. Hunt for blood to gain power, hiding from the scorching sun to survive. Build a castle and make human loyal servants to build a vampire empire. Find allies or enemies online or play alone in the field, fight holy soldiers and wage war in a world of conflict. You're the next Dracula? V Rising download torrent on PC from Mechanics you can free on the button below. Gothic Open World.

Explore a vast world full of mythical horrors and dangers. Travel through lush forests, open spaces, and dark caves and discover valuable natural resources while meeting friends and enemies. Travel the world with vampire companions or hunt alone, loot villages, attack bandits, and loot supernatural beasts possessed.

Be afraid of the light rule at night. During the day stay in the shade, otherwise the scorching sunlight will turn you to ashes. Walk through the night and chase your victims in the dark. As a vampire, quench your thirst for blood by planning your strategy day and night. You have to hunt humans to get as much blood as you can to satiate your powers. In addition, you will have to loot villages, kill bandits and fight enemy soldiers. Great battles, various monsters, and competitions with other vampires await you, where you will have to use dexterity, unique skills, and evasion. In the meantime, hurry up and download V Rising torrent over the net on pirate. Unlock the Castle. Gather resources and unlock ancient techniques to gain the dark powers. Use your newly acquired knowledge to build a castle where you can amass loot and create an army of darkness. Set up your domain, show off your vampire style and don't forget to create chests for your servants and friends. Fortify your castle to protect your treasures from rival vampires.

Compete or collaborate. Travel alone or explore the world with friends. Fight alongside other vampires to gain the upper hand against the most important threats of Vardoran. Raid other players' castles or play as a diplomat in a game of blood, power, and treachery. Compete or collaborate, the choice is yours. Face a variety of enemies in the West. In addition to humans, there are magical creatures that live in the forest and special places. Fight them and get unique items to help you further develop your character. Be careful, as there is a high risk of encountering a trained vampire hunter with each level up. Travel alone or explore the world with friends. Fight alongside other vampires to gain the upper hand in battles against the strongest creatures and the most powerful enemies. But first of all you need V Rising download torrent xattab. Control your vampires. Discover and control your arsenal of deadly weapons and evil abilities. V Rising allows you to launch targeted attacks and dodge projectiles with precise WARD control and cursor pointing - no clicks required to move. Customize your vampire playstyle by combining weapons with various spells gained from defeating powerful enemies. Improve your skills and let your evil powers loose.

Year: 2022
Developer: Stunlock Studios
Publisher: Stunlock Studios
Crack: Included (Goldberg)
Download Size: 2.70 Gb

  • OSYou are on Windows 10 / 11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Core i5-6600, 3.3 GHz / Ryzen 5 1500X, 3.5 GHz
  • Memory: 12 GB
  • Video: GTX 750 Ti / Radeon R7 360 / 2 GB
  • DirectXVersions 11
  • Space: 7 GB

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V Rising screenshot V Rising screenshot V Rising screenshot V Rising screenshot V Rising screenshot V Rising screenshot

Open world, Action, Adventure, Game 2022

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