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Varcraft 2

The continuation of the popular and classical strategy will again tell the user about the wars in the territory of the Kingdom called Azeroth. People try to conquer new lands, gradually moving to the northern part of the kingdom, just they face new races - these are orcs who carefully protect their possessions and territories. War is inevitable and you will become a direct member. So unite with other clans and races.


A new conflict between orcs and representatives of humanity is brewing. You will be supported by the gnomes and elves, and on the side of the orcs will be huge gigids and goblins, as well as powerful and strong trolls. Now you will defend your lands, build fortresses to restrain the onslaught of enemies. The conflict between four races is abandoned, and now you as a player need to define your tactics and strategy to successfully fight orcs, which are also moving to the north in search of new resources. Each race wants to settle on new lands, so the uprising against the orcs and goblins begins. Your elves will constantly support you in the game.


First you have to build your own base to produce artifacts and resources there, produce and modernize military units. The more units you can create, the more chances you will have to win in the game. Warcraft 2 game, download torrent which every visitor of our site can be combined with other game races. But the dark forces in the face of insidious magicians and magicians will still join Orcs. So they will still use dark magic against your race. Excellent version with new game missions and tasks.

A few words

Having headed the army, you can fight orcs and goblines. Use allies help. Elves also possess magical abilities, so these little heroes can largely help your army. People against goblins and orcs - excellent combat scenes are waiting for you!

Features Varcraft 2

  • Tactics. You can place your battle units on a game map, as well as siege guns, with which you can easily attack enemy protective fortifications.
  • Magi. These are cunning villains, although you yourself can lure to your side and bright magicians. These are excellent warriors who have unique characteristics.
  • Map. On a large-scale map you can see the potential dislocations of the enemy to understand how to act.

Year: 1996 - 1999
Developer: Blizzard
Publisher: Blizzard
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.14 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Pentium 60 MHz
  • Memory: 16 MB
  • Video: SVGA

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Warcraft 2 screenshot Warcraft 2 screenshot Warcraft 2 screenshot Warcraft 2 screenshot Warcraft 2 screenshot Warcraft 2 screenshot

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