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Warranty garden all parts

Warranty Garden (GardensCapes) - a fun game with a financial bias. You have an old mansion with a huge, but completely destroyed garden. Take everything in your own hands and put in order! You plant new plants, trees, order gazebos, benches, tables and, perhaps, something else?.. Restore the garden in his past glory! According to the plot, the main character in the face of the player inherited a mansion with gardens from his grandfather.

Arriving in a country mansion, he meets the butler in an ocene. Soon the hero understands that the green part of the mansion is in the depressed state. Gardenscapes seeks to create a beautiful and small park. Fate presented them with a gift: an old mansion with a huge, but abandoned garden next to him. His grandfather retired and left the villa for his care. And I knew it! Possessing new abilities, you can bring everything in order here in the shortest possible time. Download game Warranty Garden on PC FREE You can follow the description.

First, you need to refine the garden and restore it to the former glory - of course, on modern way! You need to buy so much to realize your new garden design! Where can I get money? They can be earned, selling antiques, which has long been dusting in many rooms mansion. Listen to the requests of buyers and go to search for valuable items! The game contains prompts that can be found in the Little Shop series as additional items that can be collected anywhere. Thermometers make all visible portraits of frosty or bright red, when the pointer is far or close to the desired object. Cameras are painted most of the screen in white with flashes, with the exception of some of the necessary elements. ? Postage stamps can be taken to further use using the help button below, which replaces the goods ordered by images. Coins can also be found hidden in each scene that will be printed and automatically added to the funds. Therefore, right now you need gardenscapes download on a computer . Especially interesting to find rare antique gadgets and participate in the arrangement of the garden - it is for all lovers of "search for items". You are waiting for 15 rooms where the necessary items are hidden, many tips and more than 1000 items for their search. And finally - beautiful designer work and a wonderful garden!

At each level, new friends and acquaintances will be joined at the main character and help him create beauty. During the game, the features of the game can be studied by installing the timer or in free mode. On the streets, dried shrubs turn into magnificent trees, the ruins disappear, and the garden pleases the eye. Of course, even in the fictional world, nothing is free! To get money to improve the site, you can sell things that do not need a character. Neighbors also run on instructions and asked to find antiques for sale. For the arrangement of the territory you can purchase benches, tables, gazebos and other available items. In the meantime you have a wonderful garden download torrent for free on PC. There are also accelerators and startups that facilitate tasks. Develop creative potential, creating perfect garden! Find intricate items in many rooms of an elegant mansion.

Organize the sale of goods to residents of the city. You can purchase unique accessories for garden design for revennent tools and revive his former glory. You do not need to know all nuances of garden design: Cheerful and witty butler Austin - a faithful assistant. Create your own style and help the oxt win the competition "Best Garden"! Landscaping - the pleasure is not cheap. Explore the house and collect more antiques - antiques are always in price! Carefully go through each room in the house and find all things for which visitors are willing to pay. Look for things, use tips! Look at the miniature of the desired item. And if there is a camera in the room, flash will show ordered goods on a white background. The thermometer shows how close you are close to the desired things: still "cold" or already "hot". And now we recommend the game Warranty Garden Download the full version to the computer. And many items in the rooms react to the movement of the cursor - they begin to tremble - besides, so many coins are scattered on the old house! You have the opportunity to replenish your wallet, collecting coins with objects.

Year: 2009-2013
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.452 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8/10/11
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0 or higher

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Warranty Garden All Parts screenshot Warranty Garden All Parts screenshot Warranty Garden All Parts screenshot Warranty Garden All Parts screenshot Warranty Garden All Parts screenshot Warranty Garden All Parts screenshot

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