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We Were Here Forever

We Were Here Forever - New Adventures. She and her boyfriend are held captive in a castle in the kingdom of Castle Rock. Were they betrayed, or did they end up here foolishly? To escape, you must explore the haunted castle together, solve puzzles, and come up with an escape plan. Secrets and riddles lurk at every turn. Remember, there may be something different about this Antarctic adventure than it seems. Can they be saved, or will they stay here?.. Forever? According to the plot, the main character and his friend suddenly find themselves in a dangerous trap from which they cannot escape.

It seems like there is no way out, but you must still try to find your way out of this terrifying place. We Were Here Forever download torrent over the net for free at the links below.

You and another player are trapped deep in the dungeons of Castle Rock, and in order to see the icy Arctic sky again, you must find a way out. However, it's hard to shake off this nightmare and get out of the castle itself. The dungeons and the fortress itself are just the beginning. Is it even possible to escape from Castle Rock? Expect more puzzles and hard decisions about where to go. The adventure will take you from dark caves to and from the royal halls. Behind the castle walls, you learn the history of the town of Rockbury, its inhabitants, and the militia's plans against the king. Hope leads them to an ominous cemetery and forces them to fall into the bowels of a flooded factory.

You and your partner have a Destiny of your own. Perhaps you have the missing piece of the puzzle that you started putting together a long time ago. But someone or something is desperately trying to solve this puzzle and is willing to do anything. Only an unbreakable bond between you and your friend can save you from a terrible fate. Together with a partner you face a lot of puzzles, challenges and challenging puzzles. You are waiting for the forces of darkness that rule this dark place and block the exit from the city. Heroes must fight for their lives and win at all costs, or else they must remain trapped forever. The game is full of secrets, challenging puzzles, and lots of surprises. In the meantime, hurry up and download We Were Here Forever torrent latest version on PC by Mechanics.

The game only supports normal playthrough. It requires a stable internet connection and a working microphone for both players. The last element is crucial, it is based on the game mechanics. The thing is that for the most part you and your partner are on opposite sides of the barricades: the door is locked, then you see a pattern through the mesh, but you can't meet, but you must work together. For the purpose of exchanging information you have a spoken language, which is always in your left hand. You and your unfortunate colleague must escape from Castle Rock and solve an ancient mystery. But first, you need to download We Were Here Forever online. At first they only had two radios. Can they work together in the same wave? Immerse yourself in exciting cooperative activities, solve puzzles with a friend and escape dangerous situations. Discover your way to salvation by exploring brand new areas in pairs. The frozen ground and dark halls of Castle Rock hide many secrets and dangers. Instead, they open the net where they were because hungry eyes are watching them. The King has plans for you... Can you free yourself from its sinister grip?

Features We Were Here Forever

  • Play together: you must solve the puzzles along the way in pairs - each player has his own role!
  • Talk on the radio and be each other's eyes and ears.
  • Get to know each other and your friends better: what you do when you suddenly find yourself in danger? Stay calm or give your friend clear instructions before it is too late?
  • Tense atmosphere: embark on a thrilling adventure through the rich world of Castle Rock and battle a friend against ancient evil forces.
  • Scary plot: so much unknown... and scary. You already know the joke, but can even stronger creatures roam the walls of Castle Rock?

Year: 2022
Developer: Total Mayhem Games
Publisher: Total Mayhem Games
Crack: Included (0xdeadc0de)
Download Size: 7.66 Gb

  • OS: Windows 10 / 11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Core i3 4000
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: GTX 750 / DirectX 11
  • Space: 20 GB

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We Were Here Forever screenshot We Were Here Forever screenshot We Were Here Forever screenshot We Were Here Forever screenshot We Were Here Forever screenshot We Were Here Forever screenshot

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