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Witcher Golden Edition

The entire distinctive world, which was created by the incredible fantasy of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkovsky, comes to life within the epic role-playing game. Here you will not meet a single positive character: All the governors are selling, princesses of the crows, and the knights are at all. The plot of the game was created with the participation of the Andepy Sapkovsky. In all his amazing, fantasy world there are no clear boundaries between good and evil.

Any geimer solutions and its reputation form a storyline already with three possible endings.


The main character of the game is heralt. He is a witch from Rivia and a professional monster killer. You think from what motive he performs such work? In fact, he has no aspirations, everything is much easier, because in this way, he earns his life. In order to be equal to withstanding various dragons and gourdalats, the witches are brought up from early childhood, and at the same time, from hundreds of children, they survive only ten.

As for the Arsenal Witcher, he is pretty rich, here you and weapons both ordinary and silver, and drugs with elixirs who are deadly for an unprepared person, and various witchcraft signs capable of managing other creatures. Gamer himself chooses, what kind of receptions heralt will own much better. The developers have prepared for you as six combat styles, dozens of different potions, changing weapons and magic, because only with such arsenal you will win victory. You are ready to help the chief hero? Then we recommend you a Witcher download torrent on our game storage.

Game process

In general, the whole Universe "Witcher" is a world of conscious choice. After all, here at every step arises the question "What to do? How to proceed?". Chop right away or try to start to negotiate in good way, destroy the evil or save all innocent souls. Any gamer can take a look at everything that happens completely from the other side. You want to become a real hero and experience doubts, tasted all the consequences of the decisions taken? Then the new edition of the most legendary role-playing game is undoubtedly for you, so we advise you immediately download the game Witcher through torrent on our video game site.

The Witcher is rightfully considered the best role-playing game in the history of the genre. And if you still have not managed to get acquainted with the adventures of Geral, the output of the Golden Edition is a wonderful reason to catch up. And all because now the full version of the game you can find directly on our site and plunge into new adventures of your favorite characters, for this you need a Witcher Gold Edition Download torrent on our game portal. Only here you can find out what the wedding wedding will be wrapped, you will pass various deckures and visit the damn swamps, and also get acquainted with the ghosts of a quiet village and celebrate the suffer in a completely special manner.


Special attention should be paid to battles, because such a dynamic and spectacular destruction of the enemy did not meet anywhere. For example, here Gamer will be able to cut off the enemy's head, cut his throat, release all the internal organs, pull out the brain and even put on the count. The whole battle system is based on real medieval combat tactics.

Features Witcher Gold Edition

  • For you, the very first part of the legendary Saga about the Witcher Heralete, which included all available updates.
  • Two additional chapters are waiting for you - "Neutrality price" and "Side Effect".
  • This edition presents all official updates.
  • Thanks to the editor of modifications d'jinni, which allows you to make changes to the game and create your own adventures, the game has become much more interesting.
  • All saved data can be applied in the continuation of the "Witcher 2: Kings Killers"!

Year: 2007
Developer: CD Projekt Red
Publisher: Softklab
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 4.21 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Pentium 4 - 2.4 GHz or Athlon 64 2800
  • Memory: 1024 MB
  • Space: 8859 MB + 673 MB in general documents
  • Video: GeForce 6800 or Radeon X800, (128 MB)
  • File System: Fat, NTFS

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Witcher Gold Edition screenshot Witcher Gold Edition screenshot Witcher Gold Edition screenshot Witcher Gold Edition screenshot Witcher Gold Edition screenshot Witcher Gold Edition screenshot

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