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Wolfenstein 3D Wolfenstein 3D game is a remake of the famous arcade toy with the same name, but without a 3D function. The possibility of 360 degree review makes a new version scale and a spectacular, and the genre of the first person makes the passage of the original. Wolfenstein 3D game, download torrent which you can give the player a lot of impressions and mood!The action takes place during World War II in a maze, wandering through which the player needs to type the right score.

Make it, you can collect treasures and other attributes that increases your status in the game. In addition, the character has a certain number of lives and the ability to move along a variety of rooms, and the number of steps has 6 episodes, each of which includes 10 levels. The defining task is to search for secret rooms that are storage facilities, food and other soldier needs. These needs will allow us to stock up energy, and the found weapons and ammunition will be assisted in a fight with the upcoming enemies. The main task of the player is the release of the fortress, whose hostage it is. The name of the game itself implies the name of the Nazi fortress from which you will not only get out, but also stay alive. On the way, the soldier will meet guards and fascist soldiers warning at every step. To interfere with the search for the exit will not only the whole army of soldiers, but even the dogs, to have resistance to which there is no time when passing. Download Wolfenstein 3D Through torrent you can on this portal, enjoy a fascinating action in the genre of arcade passage.The game has several levels, each of which includes the final boss. When passing the mission, you can face secret outputs that can be detected, wandering in the dungeon. It should be noted that the fight with the opponent at the end of each stage - the task is not simple. As a rule, bosses are equipped with weapons and a high percentage of survivability, which makes them more invulnerable than it may seem at first glance. However, when passing the current level, the player opens up new features and bonuses, allowing you to establish yourself in the game and improve your status.Wolfenstein 3D game, download via torrent which you can on our site will open the door to the world of entertainment and speakers, not leaving any player indifferent!

Wolfenstein 3D features

- A wide range when passing from the first person - a fascinating genre of arcade-opportunity to find jewels in unexpected places Maze-action in the popular 3D Action genre - the ability to obtain a function of immortality - monitoring the statistics on the current level passing, as well as viewing data on the speed of moving-level of health and life and codes to control the status in the game-presence of secret codes, allowing to increase the level of health up to 100%, as well as replenish the stocks of weapons and ammunition-convenient engines and the functionality - the possibility of increasing points by collecting the found non-ferrous metal game is FPS genre of the genre (First Person Shooter) Figure with strong bosses waiting at the end of each level, but imposing promotion when defeating a wide range of functions and opportunities in the form of a collection of weapons, finds, aid kits and food,Increased living standards-excellent graphic visualization, allowing to plunge into the expanses of the labyrinth placed in the dungeon-realistic action and a fascinating process of passing

Year: 1992
Developer: ID Software
Crack: Not Required
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Wolfenstein 3d screenshot Wolfenstein 3d screenshot Wolfenstein 3d screenshot Wolfenstein 3d screenshot

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