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World of Aircraft Glider Simulator

World of Aircraft Glider Simulator - Experience of great aviation more than ever before! The world of the aircraft is a series of autonomous simulators that each focuses on a certain form of flying. Airplane world: The Glider simulator includes a series (motor) gliders and towing a high-definition aircraft. The world of the aircraft uses special graphics and physical engine to simulate small aviation.

Each edition focuses on one specific aerial view and will always contain an area, airport and aircraft necessary to study this kind of aviation. Since he does not want to cover the whole world and all types of aviation, you get more detailed information for details that are in modeling compared to full simulators. This is a PURE VFR simulator, so only mimics flights made without complex tools, and you are oriented with your compass and your eyes. It's about joy to be in the air and mastering your car. World of Aircraft Glider Simulator download torrent on a PC you can from our site for free.

World of Aircraft Glider Simulator places you in the plane cockpit, you will find on the airfield dedicated to the planners. You will find older and modern gliders, even a motor glider and a glider with an auxiliary engine awaiting you. You will even find a high detailed towing aircraft to get your gliders in the air. Very easy to use interface, avoiding complex options. Six languages ​​for user interface, radio and audio (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch). Three leadership languages ​​(English, German, French, more to come). Training of many flight stages for Will and Blatnik. Free flight with all models. Multiplayer mode with Aero Tool (Wilga and Blanik). 2,500 km2 handmade landscape, near Mannheim, Rhine River Border. One High Detail (Herreneich), One Airport for details with low end, Speyer, Close TECHNIK SPEYER Museum. Five comfortable aircraft: Diamond NK36 Dimona, double engine glider, let L-13 Blaník, world famous glider, often used to study. Schleicher ASK21, double glider with good performance and solid aerobatics. Schleicher Ask21 Mi, Motorized Self-Task A glider with a small rotating engine. PLZ-104 WILGA, Reliable quadruple aircraft used for many roles are very suitable for aerosunt.

Graphics. Animated Road Traffic, Ships. Animated pilots. Birds in thermal. Cloud shadow. Extended effects model, including dust. Element-based flight model: Each surface is divided into many sections, the aerodynamic forces are calculated for each partition individually, then integrated. 360x360 deg stream provides natural and seamless kiosks, backs, customs, rotation hammer and so on. And now Somoy Time World of Aircraft Glider Simulator Download Torrent Xattab on RS. The model of the blade element (VEM) for props of variable resin provides very accurate calculations of both linear (thrust) and rotational (asymmetric disappear) components. Model based on mass rates for internal combustion engine, correct calculations of the diversity of pressure. Proper clutch support to the engine (torque is developed by the aligned torque, consumed by the support). Full calculation of the windmill mode, including reverse flow conditions. Gyroscope effect, calculation of the effect of the R-Factor.

Many sound effects, usually not seen in simulators, such as a stick, hitting his stops. Flow sounds depend on the angle of attack, not only the air speed. Far distance recalls sounds. Atmospheric model. Thermal channel model based on real flight test data. Thermals occur, dissipate over time, break away from the wind. Speed ​​gradient through the top of the thermal channels (so you can feel what side of the aircraft lift is the highest. Waa - Glider Edition is located at Herrentich Airport, a small airfield on the borders of the Rhine River, near Speyer (and Speyer Airport included). 50 kilometers area is modeled by a high detail with tens of thousands of trees, houses, s and commercial buildings. Image of a 30-centimeter ground image provides perfect background for the area. When you finish with learning missions, you can connect to your friends and fly together. Use Wilga to tow your friends to height or see who can perform the most accurate landing. You might even try aerobatics as a team. Sky is the limit. This time actually.

Year: 2021
Developer: World of Aircraft Team
Publisher: Aerosoft Gmbh
Crack: Included (Fairlight)
Download Size: 4.64 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (x64)
  • CPU: 2.6 GHz and better
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video: Gtx 1050 or better
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Space: fourteen.3 GB

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