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Zombeer Zombeer game, download torrent which we advise you in mandatory, will like the most different, even very demanding gamers. Fans of arcade shooters will be fighting for extraordinary graphics and dynamicity. Lovers of ironic games will also be pleasantly surprised, because the irony, and the black humor here in excess. Fans of Games with the participation of Zombies should be in complete delighted, since these creatures will be provided here.

Transfer us to the plot of games in Mexico, which under the action of some unknown, but a very dangerous virus turned into a habitat of zombies. The protagonist hero, whose name is simply waking up in one of the traditional Mexican bars and understands what everything has changed around. But not only around. With him, something is happening. On the usual hangover it does not look like. With difficulty thinking, he still understands that while he was in a shutdown, a zombie apocalypse occurred and all around turned into bloodthirsty creatures. And he himself, by the way, is also pretty conquered. But for some reason, the process of rebirth lasts slowly. Our hero concludes that the final transformation of it in the zombie interferes with a fair amount of alcohol in its body. So as not to become a fierce, terrible creature, he needs to constantly use beer. But at the same time, do not cross the border when he himself will no longer think something and lose control. This is an interesting story laid for this game, which is why Zombeer is downloaded through torrent. Before the hero is a few goals. First, it is, of course, try to survive in such difficult conditions. The second goal is to find your missing girlfriend. Well, the third is the destruction of the walking dead. At the same time, my hero must necessarily maintain myself beer and from time to time to look for a toilet, which is simply necessary when using such a number of beer. Of course, it is gratifying that this simple drink available in abundance can replace the zombie vaccine and does not need to look for it somewhere or mine. But here is another problem - how to sleep the character. Want to enjoy a fun and unusual computer arcade? Then you need right now download Zombeer through torrent. Above that it turns out such a fun and complete self-irony, professionals from the developer "Padaone Games" worked.

Features Zombeer

If we talk about the peculiarities of this satirical toy, then the following can be noted: • Successful parody. The game, indeed, on the idea of ​​his own, is a parody of the currently popular zombie shooters who are filled in the Internet. And the developers managed to preserve a thin face, which shares a thin and unspone parody of the same parody, but only a vulgar and causing rejection.• Survive at any cost. The gameplay here is built on the need to survive in a zombie apoclipsis, as well as masterfully solve the most complex puzzles and quickly ease from various unforeseen situations. Your character will need an incomplete cutter, fresh head on the shoulders (as far as possible when drinking alcohol) and belief.• Interesting rivals. Zombies All texts of species await you in the open world of the game, they need to be killed or you can just overcome.• Unusual antidote. Serum from the bite of walking dead serves usual beer. But it is necessary to use it with great care, so as not to go through and do not lose control over it. At the same time move you will be somewhat slow and sluggish, as is likely to.

Year: 2015
Developer: Moonbite Games
Publisher: Stardock Entertainment
Crack: Included (Plaza / Codex)
Download Size: 1.44 GB

  • OS: Window Vista® (SP2) / Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8
  • CPU: 2.00 GHz Intel® Core ™ 2 DUO OR SIMILAR
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: 512 MB DirectX® 10-COMPLIANT WITH SHADER MODEL 4.0 or Higher
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Sound: DirectX 10-compliant (5.1 Surround Sound Recommended)
  • Space: 3 GB

Zombeer Screenshots:

Zombeer screenshot Zombeer screenshot Zombeer screenshot Zombeer screenshot Zombeer screenshot Zombeer screenshot

Action, Shooters

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